Renea Hicks

Renea started her professional career as a high school Social Studies teacher at a private school in the Chicago area.  Her ability to develop and faciliatate solid instructional design and courses utilizing collaborative and problem based methods was quickly recognized.  Renea worked as part of a small team responsible for developing interdisciplinary courses that focused on using active learning principles.  The basic goals and team methods utilized were later incorporated by other teams for additional courses.  She continued to use these methods at the community college level.

Renea spent eight years honing her client management, communication and intrapersonal skills while working with a diverse client base as a Realtor. 

For the past four years, Renea has created dozens of e-Learning and instructor-led courses for a diverse group of corporate and university clients.



He's been a preferred thought partner with me for over 15 years across multiple disciplines - I recommend his work highly.

- Beth Piper
Learning Leader, Deloitte


Jim Hicks

Bloomington, IN
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI