All of our team has significant project and consulting experience. We are not a highly leveraged team. We are happy to train novice designers on your team, but we don't use them on ours.

Our team is comprised of folks who have worked together for 20+ years. We are based in the Midwest and have clients all over the country.

Many of us have experience working for professional services firms, like Arthur Andersen and Accenture. We have worked with training organizations big and small to create programs that impact organizations in meaningful ways.

Customers love our combination of sound instructional deliverables and focus on customer service

Jim Hicks

The business of training is our focus

Ed Gross
Business Development

Every course starts with a solid foundation of instructional design

Renea Hicks
Design Lead



The Society of Actuaries (SOA) e-Learning program is both unique and successful from the perspectives of a wide variety of stakeholders -- from the board of directors to the candidate learners and their employers.  We value Jim's consulting, work and partnership in making highly regarded e-Learning at the SOA a reality!

- Judy Powills
Senior Director, Curriculum & Content Development, Society of Actuaries


Jim Hicks

Bloomington, IN
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI