Course Delivery Systems

Not everyone can afford mobile learning solutions. Mobile technologies often require very specific and advanced skill sets and they can require add-on costs to already hefty budgets. Mura is an open-source CMS that delivers learning in both desktop and mobile formats from one content base.

Mura is a ColdFusion-based content management system. Because Mura is highly extensible, colinRiley has added eLearning and mobile components to make Mura a reasonable cost solution for mobile learning.

Mura-based Mobile Learning



The Society of Actuaries (SOA) e-Learning program is both unique and successful from the perspectives of a wide variety of stakeholders -- from the board of directors to the candidate learners and their employers.  We value Jim's consulting, work and partnership in making highly regarded e-Learning at the SOA a reality!

- Judy Powills
Senior Director, Curriculum & Content Development, Society of Actuaries


Jim Hicks

Bloomington, IN
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI