colinRiley provides training solutions that display beautifully on mobile devices. Course design needs a different treatment on mobile than traditional desktop and laptop computers. Mobile touch gestures are different. The way that personnel use mobile devices is different from a traditional computer setting. In many cases, mobile devices are perfect for just in time performance support solutions.

Here is our website devoted to all things mobile created in our own mobile eLearning tool.

Mobile eLearning



The Society of Actuaries (SOA) e-Learning program is both unique and successful from the perspectives of a wide variety of stakeholders -- from the board of directors to the candidate learners and their employers.  We value Jim's consulting, work and partnership in making highly regarded e-Learning at the SOA a reality!

- Judy Powills
Senior Director, Curriculum & Content Development, Society of Actuaries


Jim Hicks

Bloomington, IN
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI